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Welcome to the Planetree Learning Lab!

The Planetree Learning Lab is a virtual environment for teaching and learning about principles and exemplary practices in patient- and resident-centered care.   This is a dynamic educational setting, with courses being developed by Planetree to address topical themes and address specific knowledge needs for healthcare practitioners, leaders, students and others eager to better understand what it takes to implement patient-centered care.  Students and expert faculty will interact in a variety of ways, including lectures, interactive message boards and office hours.

The Learning Lab is developed and operated by Planetree, a not-for-profit advocacy, education and membership organization that has facilitated implementation of patient-centered approaches to care across the healthcare continuum for more than 30 years.

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New Book Cover

The Putting Patients First Field Guide:
Global Lessons in Designing and Implementing Patient-Centered Care

Susan B. Frampton (Editor),
Patrick A. Charmel (Editor),
Sara Guastello (Editor)

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The Putting Patients First Field Guide is the ultimate real-world guide to how hospitals, long-term care communities and integrated health care systems around the world are operationalizing the fundamental dimensions of a patient-centered culture, including access to information, family involvement, healing environments, employee and physician engagement, patient advocacy and more.

Edited by Susan Frampton, Patrick Charmel and Sara Guastello of Planetree, a nonprofit consulting and research organization dedicated to patient-centered care, the book represents a concrete pathway to patient-centered excellence, using lessons from organizations around the world. By featuring real life examples of health care organizations from nearly every continent, this book will underscore the adaptability of a patient-centered approach to accommodate cultural nuances while addressing the universal desire for patients and family members across cultures for health care experiences that promote compassion, partnership and transparency.

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